Quick. Pour Another Before the Denial Kicks In!

It’s Super Tuesday and I am savoring the ever-sweet hospital treat: a “big gulp” iced coffee. As a Southerner, “big gulp” seems always used to describe any cold beverage that is poured to fill a 24-oz container to capacity. “Sippy cup” is too cloyingly juvenile. “To Go” is misleading if one is ultimately headed to the next room to watch The Walking Dead.

Methinks the term peaked and piqued in the ’80’s. Many folks were collectively realizing the folly, arrogance, and irresponsibility of preparing a “Big Gulp Sippy Cup To Go” filled with the gustiest of Sea Breezes.

But back to today, one of the most celebrated days of Catholic feasts. The day  (and more adequately night) to honor Our Lady of the Perpetual Partisanship, the Queen Mother of Quadrennial Primaries. Now where is my Big Gulp?

Election days of any ilk have always thrilled me. As a young child, I watched my parents obsess as they discussed the “what ifs” and “surely wills” of the post voting commentaries, predictions, and analyses. I avoid using the term Post Mortem, as it carries an evangelical connotation. Well, I AM a Southerner: born, bred, but not conceived.

As a man of near certain dotage, I find the CNN and MSNBC poll-crunching “unfold” to be emotional and riveting. In 2000, I stayed up all night glued to the Gore/Bush projection volleys. Leads changed whenever I refilled my Big Gulp  or let Hamilton and Cabot out to pee.

No, silly! They were my King Charles Spaniels, the ones that never had the regal, prissy genes. They loved watching television and thought the Smurfs looked delicious.

So as I reminisce and digress as I frequently do, I turn to my second iced coffee du jour. Bless the flexibilty of the menu here as well as the availability of K-cups. By 7:30 est, I shall be in a rather formidable caffeine frenzy.

The “munchies” of sociopolitics will be a-growl and stirring. Demographic trivia! Those two words alone kick my political junkie’s palpitations into high gear.

Where, oh where are the US Statistical Abstracts of my youth? Certainly I have them in a dusty box in the storage shed at home. I received many of them as birthday presents when I was in Sr Edward Patricia’s 4th grade class.

I was an obsessive child with politics, coffee, and trivia rushing through my veins.

I came by them honestly. As I also did the Big Gulp Sea Breezes.

Oy ve, Lillian. Fingers and I-Vs crossed!

Hats off to my beloved for thoughtfully coordinating my absentee ballot.

(Image: “Pesta Tiga” by Roby Dwi Antono, 2014.)

2 thoughts on “Quick. Pour Another Before the Denial Kicks In!

  1. so sweet the politcal blood in the arena for all who excite it its fervor and power as gladiators this year.

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