With the Turn of an ‘E’?

e16bae2c796d3e522c6091412ca44281_fullI obsess about something different almost every afternoon. Today was no different.

Images from TV’s Wheel of Fortune flew past my mind’s eye with puzzles in foreign language. Some were academically terrifying. Others were humorous.

Then there was the endangered Hawaiian, Ōlelo Hawaiʻi, with its repetitive use of both vowels and only eight consonants. I have an admiration for those who are fluent.

And then, for some reason I thought of Wales and Welsh and Torchwood. I remembered those twenty character words with only one or two vowels, and one of them a ‘Y’! Egads and Golly Gadzooks! I just can’t imagine … but I did.

God bless contestants on my imaginary Welsh Wheel of Fortune. And God bless my “make believe” Vanna.

(Image: “Alphabet, I” by Jean-Pierre Alaux.)

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