Mush, Mush, Sweet Charlotte


Tonight, the eleven cunning rescues that are known to frolic while Jon and I nap, offer a toast in honor of all of the magnificent Iditarod entrants. Those well-toned dogs must have unequaled stamina and endurance skills. The “shy one” or “one shy” dozen is out tonight, drinking actual bowls of White Russians and shooting buttery nipples at Harley’s Cat Bar and Bait Shoppe..

They are toasting, smoking cigars, and telling tales out of school. They rarely leave Marklewood except to see Dr Grant, so we expect a pussy all-nighter. The mollies Kitty Carlisle and Feral Streep are surely already sound asleep. Charlie and Blanche Hudson are on the prowl, likely caterwauling looking for toms of a certain state.

Breakfast is at six: if the Rooster shows up sober.

The Ititarod champs have spent their lives training, strengthening heart and lungs, as well as toning all the pertinent muscles. About as strenuous as other modern feline and canine competitions, there is, however, a simple compromise which in no way mandates rules and priorities that pertain to contestants behavior, They will be housed in the very lush, indulgent Stuckey’s Super Pet-Inn, behind closed and dead-bolted doors. No, not there. T.H.E.R.E. silly!

Unfortunately, the dogs that still in the race are resting and get massages, and having a big ole manly steak.

However the rules of Idinarod spectator behavior and sportsmanship attitudes are expected, yet closely monitored.
And a shout-out to a friend who is the very doctor who will be officiating while acclimating Arctic weather,.

My beloved and I wish them all well. Right now, ABC11’s weather “ambassador” has projected the outside temperature at 65, with an overnight chilly 53.

Alas, having survived already their daily indulgences, they will likely head back the day it ends. It’s a long, long road. That comes from someone who, after a day at work drove to Chicago on a Saturday and returned the following morning. I wasn’t spontaneous as I was optimistic.

Oy vey ist mir.

It’s good to be warm. It’s even better to be selfless and proficient like Claire.

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