God Bless the Cranky Ones!


As Thursday’s dawn is waiting in the Green Room, I am enjoying a quiet moment. I am thankful for my friends, even the cranky ones. I am thankful for relatives with whom I haven’t spoken in years, even the cranky ones.

I am appreciative of the internet, “Sherlock”, Edy’s Coffee Ice Cream, Target’s Bloody Mary pickles, and Tammy, my home health care nurse.

I am not especially fond of that darned “Auto-Fill”. It would never pass Mrs Whitlock’s English class.

After year and a half, I am still not acclimated to my ever-cumbersome 24 hour IV. But it is the Dobutamine that keeps me awake and alert at least for a while each day.

There is, however, a relatively wee issue bothering me a bit this morning. Who was it that thought we needed yet another Cinderella film? Is there really something new to bring to the editing room? Yikes.

Before I forget: I am always appreciative of my beloved who, after 13 years, no longer nags me if I stay up late. He also manages my health this days as I am fading and not always altogether lucid.

Oh yes. I am thankful for Henry, Hermione, and the delightfully odd and “Kitty Go-Lightly-ish” Marigold. (Claudja is on triple probation.) And I am always thankful for all of the outside pusses, even the cranky ones.

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