That Being Said


My cardiologist warned me about excessively watching CNN. It is the indulgent, fatty, caloric, and indigestible element of modern television. My arteries start to throb and send me mixed messages. I must learn to exhale.

That being said, most of you either know firsthand or assume that I am liberal. Not only is it in the truest sense of my socio-politico-theologico humanist views. It suggests how I maintain my soapbox. Mostly, however, it keeps my humanity safe and governs most of my daily life.

THAT being said, what the hell is going on in Ferguson? The combative attitude of its citizens is deplorable. One is to assume that the electorate, make that “residents”, must be complacent, lazy, or just living in another era. How is it that Law Enforcement can truly monitor crimes and keep folks safe with racist, non-inclusive, and denigrating behavior?

I just don’t get it. The system there is broken. Fire the obviously “guilty” members of the FPD and review the rest. Then bring in the National Guard with a positive directive from Congress. And let John Boehner think it was all his idea so that he doesn’t lead a resistance.

Further, it is inappropriate and offensive for the media to constantly repeat inappropriate and offensive jokes and emails. Repetition gives the hate-mongers more credence and air-time. And it fuels the issue on a national level, while the solution is the burden of the local and state communities.

I have watched a media institution air Ferguson’s dirty laundry. Repeatedly. I suspect it is true with most news rerouting services.

The ugliest side of humanity continues to thrive.

THAT being said, is there a Twelve Step program for news junkies?

Doctor’s orders.

(Image: “Cardinals of the Venetian Cornaro family assisting to the ecstasy of St. Theresa” by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in Rome’s Cornaro Chapel, 17th.c.)

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