Ichabod’s Unlikely Salon of Visual Texture

While there may be such purveyors in most markets, Mr Crane’s renowned establishment is a distinctive and splendidly-staffed Textile Gallery nonpareil. He is an eager merchant of the rare, of the impeccable, and of the painted.

Crane’s showroom swatches are drawn from gorgeously fabricated clothing, upholstery, and window treatments as depicted in paintings. The samples are divinely textural with hyper-detailed velvets, silks, tulles, Fortuny silks, taffetas, damasks, brocades. All the bolts are stunning as placed: perfectly arranged by color and “ilk of the silk”, as it were. Your senses will stirred beyond the broadest of kens and the most obscure of imaginations.

In addition to Hermione’s choices, Scalamandre and Schumacher, customers will experience the lush, visual threads of international designers:
Zoffany, Bonnat, Ingres, Parrish,  Alma-Tadema, Dvorak, Waterhouse, Rochegrosse, Hodler, Mucha, Millais, Gérôme, among myriad others. New arrivals are introduced daily.

Upcoming “Portmanteau Show” will be held on Friday, February 7. Latest introductions will be featured including the latest in several design studios. This year’s participants pay both homage and nostalgic tributes to the provocative and divine examples of 19th c. Neo-Classicism, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Orientalism, and Art Nouveau

Personal shoppers and models are available, including: Ann Boleyn, Jayne Mansfield, Catherine Howard, and guest floaters, Judi Dench and Amy Adams.

Ichabod’s Portmanteau of ShowPiece Piecegoods
Open 12-4, Tuesday-Friday. or By Appointment

Another Exquisite Establishment of Evelyn’s Fine Designs
Managed by one of her other Personas
It is both a privilege for us to serve you and a privilege for you to shop with us.

Please: no smoking, no beverages, no tags, and no toile du jouy .

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