A Kinder, Gentler, and Endangered World


German artist Heinrich Lossow settled comfortably into Academic and Genre painting. He was, however, quite the 19th century maven of erotic illustration, if not painterly pornography.

Much of his work was bawdy, unbridled, and prolific. It is a random act of Universal redemption that it survived the conservative zealots of the last five or six generations.

Thank God for freedom from censorship and protection of the arts. Frankly, if a painting, book, or piece of music offends you, just move on.

Walk on by. Take a deep, invigorating breath.

And walk briskly to the nearest exit. Go home. And direct your passion toward: giving both food to the starving and clothes to the bare. Console those individuals who are lonely, isolated, overwhelmed, and frightened.

And for this world’s sake, please make certain that every child grows up in a nurturing environment, with an abundance of hope. Neither hope nor safety are commodities to be brokered. They are fundamental facets of humanity and worth a valiant fight.

If that seems unrealistic or unnecessary, just walk on by. Don’t look back.

(Image: “Die Sphinx und der Dichter” by Heinrich Lossow, 1868.)