There Really Is a “Burnt Sienna”, Virginia

“It’s hard to live your life in color, and tell the truth in black and white.”

Of course, most of the folks I know are oblivious to life’s infinite hues, as well as the concept of “gray”. They simply allow colors to blindly sweep them away on some utopic highway. When they reach a black & white moment, they become flustered and unable to reach resolution.

True, some wise or open-minded people may understand Crayola’s reach, but that is “Baby Aspirin” in the medicine cabinet.

They blush. They turn red. They become blue. They turn green with envy. They turn white as a ghost.

What a pity we are never taught the power of color. I blame thee not, Sr Edward Patricia.

Life paints us in more than primary colors! We have no clue on how to really see and interpret them.

As songstress Buffy St Marie once said: “There are sixteen million colors.”

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