Pining Away to Spruce It Up

Marklewood could certainly use a little updating, remodeling, or at the very least, a dust and a spruce. If Jon and I are finally emerging from the emotional paralysis of financial woes, any changes might perk us up. They might signal that we are embracing the concepts of future and hope. The mechanics of our daily routine might, by default, become more efficient. If we should have visitors such as Evelyn or Janet, any perceived message would be positive, and not the gloomy lackluster mediocrity that has made both our separate and joint convalesces disturbing and worrisome.

Of course, should we have some sort of real estate emergency, we’d be closer to being “prepared”. Dr Markle’s Finishing School for Erstwhile and Wayward Pusses graduating pride would have a renewed pride, as it were. (“cloudier” can be such an awkward word.)

Unfortunately, our priorities are still of pragmatic nature and intent. Although we will have one day moved beyond the scope of such tight living, our health situations currently still demand rigid regimens and management.

For now, Gentle Readers, Jon and I will forego any re-upholstery of the tattered Baker sofa that is desperately clinging to its heritage. We’ll make do with the current kitchen window treatments. In lieu of “faded or fraying”, I much prefer to call them vintage. We definitely cannot invest in new seating for the television viewing corner of our bedroom. We can neither repaint the living room, nor wallpaper the downstairs bathroom. For now.

What we can do, however,is dust … at least regularly and with greater enthusiasm.

Mind you, I am not complaining. My chipper demeanor has returned from its two-year hiatus and I am happy.

(Our mind can lead us on scavenger hunts and goose chases, especially when prompted by some internet keyword. I started mulling this post after stumbling upon some adverts for rare, vintage wallpaper designed by British artist and graphics impresario, Edward Bawden. Among his broad and prolific portfolio “bullets” would be these innovative wallpapers, mostly from the 1920’s and early ’30’s. The asking prices averaged in the aggressive neighborhood of £350. I can’t bring myself to verbalize such a figure or even convert it to US dollars.)

One thought on “Pining Away to Spruce It Up

  1. I enjoyed your post.
    I agree, in changing the physical we loosen mental and emotionally binds.
    So glad to hear you are feeling happy. 🙂
    And of course, the prints are wonderful patterns and colors.
    May you live long and prosper.

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