Talk of Dice and Dollars and Balls (Crystal or Otherwise)


It’s the eve of Election Day ’14 and I’m already spent. I’m exhausted by the rabble-rousing scare tactics that all candidates seem to rely on these days. The stretched truths and ugly innuendos that have already run up an electoral tab of over one hundred million dollars. Yes, it would’ve been cheaper (and an easy, easy pill) if every registered voter were simply given a twenty dollar bill.

This perennially revitalized flower child is finally jaded. I just want it all to end. If there is an inevitability to Tuesday’s vote, I say bring it on. Take all of us once hopeful children of the ’60’s and just give us the name of the winning prize fighter. At least may it belong to he or she who hates less.

At this point, I have no partisan energy left. Frankly, the die was cast long before this week. All I ask is that if you are indeed registered, please vote. Vote along the lines defined by your conscience, values, and perhaps even an issue or two. If you are motivated by hatred, ignorance, or ulterior motive, just stay home and watch “The Price is Right!”

Of course if we had a few more dice, it would be an entirely different game, that of Dominoes. Thank you, Mr Morrison. Henry, Jon, and I will look for you on the early side of Wednesday.

(Image: “Merchant of Dreams” by Ray Caesar, 2004.)