Et in Saecula Saeculorum

In Memoriam

Pfluffer Marie Markle (aged 11) of Marklewood passed away yesterday, August 1, from an apparent heart event. We were assured by his physician Sandra Grant that he felt no pain.

Master Pfluffer was born in Raleigh and adopted shortly thereafter by Jon and Mark. He remained uncoupled throughout his adulthood, fathering no children and, subsequently, leaving no direct descendants. However, his mother, Nana Pfluffer, still resides in a currently unknown village somewhere in France.

He is survived by many friends: Adoptive Parents, Mark and John, as well as:
Housemates Henry, Hermione, Claudia as well as
The outdoor pusses including Eve, Beamer, Yorick, Kitty Carlisle, Grisaille, and a new litter (that remains yet to be named). Also
Raleigh and U.S. friends Janet, Nancy, Patrick, Brian, Cricket, and both Laurie of Albany, New York and Marty of Hudson, Iowa. Add to those folks, Pfluffer’s many International friends including: Lynn, Sibylle, Dr Bob, Claire, Andrew, Ellen, Joy, Lynette, Anthony, Fiona, Billyboy, and many Facebook friends.

He is predeceased by fellow adoptees and cat angels Samuel, Thomas, and Ishkabibble Markle.
Interment was held Monday, September 1 at Marklewood. The Memorial Service is to be private per the deceased’s instructions.

Pfluffer, who was Jon’s special, beloved and constant lap buddy, will be extremely missed. He would sit on Jon’s lap all day long when Jon was meditating or in the evening whenever he would watch television. His special interests included: birdwatching, pursuing mice, and scrutinizing the printer when it was in use.

As of late, late last night, a visitation had not been scheduled.

Pfluffer Marie Markle
July 7, 2003 – September 1, 2014
Forever Beloved

One thought on “Et in Saecula Saeculorum

  1. Reblogged this on Marklewood at Serenity Lodge and commented:
    This is one of the most difficult sadnesses of all . . . I will cary pFluffer in my soul. I believe I expected to have him survive me. It is such a sudden loss. My companion and friend through thick and thin. Hugs dear pFluffer.

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