I Shall Call It A Sabbatical and Pour Some Iced Tea

I suspect that I’ll be getting up from a less than luxurious slumber in four hours. Jon and I will need to prepare for the drive to Chapel Hill, with my surgery to commence “promptly” at 6:30am. The doctor also said that they will not wake me for 24 hours afterwards, to jump start the convalescence process and allow for proper observation. I’ve never truly been to such an induced state as LaLa Land so at least that part doesn’t terrify me.

In other words, you probably won’t read anything from me on Tuesday or Wednesday. The LVAD implant surgery takes 6-8 hours, so I expect to be on hiatus from Tartuffe’s Folly until the end of the week.

There’s no telling what anesthesia they’re using but I wish I had it now. The procedure’s reality has firmly set in, along with the anxiety and fear of knowing they have to crack a few ribs. I’m also stressed that I’ll be in the hospital 3-4 weeks. At least Jon will have a rest from taking care of me for so long! By the way, Henry must know something is up; he has been glued to me all day. He has a phobia of not being well-stocked in treats here at Marklewood! I jest not.

Good night! Sweet dreams! You will find something from me in a week or so.

Unless, of course, I have internet capability while I am in LaLa Land.

(Image:“The Great Weevilwrought” by James Clowder, 2012.”

2 thoughts on “I Shall Call It A Sabbatical and Pour Some Iced Tea

  1. Good luck dear man. Good luck. I shall be anxiously awaiting word from you on the other side of the ‘sleep’ stage. My 5 pusses of Fairystone and I will be keeping you in our hearts.

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