Surreal Estate Dabbling

Understatement is all relevant and, here in the hinterlands, stands alone in such a residence.

For a soul who is nourished by the Universe’s full buffet of colors, the garden is moved indoors. This cottage “imaginaire et pittoresque” would be surrounded and well-guarded by a sentry of ancient oaks, pines, and fruited walnut trees. In a mossy glade just off the stoop, there is a weathered wrought iron table on which the pusses sleep and, under which, they hide.

It thunders and threatens rain. The acreage is now vacant, ready for the next time that the palette is in hand and Marklewood is creaking just a little too often.

The threat is no longer idle.

While the Universe pounds our roof into submission, I survey the clutter and dust, shaking my head. I know that Jon and I are just two more budding “hoarders without borders”.

Henry rubs against my leg until I lift him to my chest. He purrs and, in Cat-onese, confidently suggests: “It is indeed time to call Mini Maids by Miss Haversham!”

Those savvy pusses!

2 thoughts on “Surreal Estate Dabbling

  1. Mark,
    This Brings To Mind An OLDE Issue Of French Connaisance D’es Art: Photo Spread On Yves Klien And His Apartment During His Lifetime.
    He Had A Fantastical Fragmented HIGH ROCOCO (With Slight Chinoiserie Touches) Cornice From An XVIII Century Canopy Bed. It Was Painted Yves Klien Blue- Breathtaking.

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