I’ll Take Sensible Shoes for $800, Alex

Although I have several cohorts who admittedly have a shoe fetish, I doubt that this is what they have in mind. At least such was the case until the internet stripped us of our naïveté. Some predilections are indeed larger than life, my friends. Others are understated, effortless, and fond of only whispering to any willing ear. Never mind the polishing and the upkeep. Such whimsy is purely good for the sole!

Yes. This is the innocent and unassuming collection that was deemed in violation (by that unnamed social networking site) and thus promptly deleted, without so much as rebuttal or a pout. Yet, I owe them gratitude as it did light the “rhetorical” fire that still burns below my, er uh feet!
“Maybe the Truth of the Meaning of Life, Ancient and Arcane Knowledge of the Great Unknowable Universe is handed down only to persons presenting with the correct brand-name footwear. If you turn up wearing Shoe City knock-offs, you don’t get to pass Go and collect Infinite Enlightenment.”     (T. Engelbrecht)
(Collection by Photographer Paul Graves.)

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