Do Be a Don’t Bee

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Yes. At some point in the 70’s and generally and quite officially ending in the early 80’s, I partook of the occasional reefer. Dope. Pot. Grass. Ganja. Weed. School Supplies. Even the all too clinical Marijuana. Reminiscing about such misbehavior may still coax a smile and the the very rare chuckle.

However, I shall not rationalize my actions by offering that:
I was a young adult, given to experimentation (which is true!).
It was more acceptable “way back then” (which it was!).
Many of the harmful effects had yet to be publicly isolated (and they hadn’t!).
Society as a whole was far less health-aware (uh huh, no DUH!). And …
The 60’s were but a few pages back in the history books and we as a culture were still collectively curious and open to transcendent exploration!

All of that seemed to adequately justify my choices back then but let it suffice to say that I alone made such a decision, wholly without pressure, but assuredly with expectation.
As I recall such carefree tokes and thus embarking on a spiral with a counter-culture, I travel down so many well-trodden paths. I almost simultaneously and in some unseemly unconscious stream, my happy memories start to challenge any justification or excuse. Pot’ll do that, you know!

What interests me most today is the concept of the munch: not the snack that the word today might signify, but rather the hybrid of uncontrollable food craving and the snack that satisfies that urge. Most of you have probably felt such an intense hunger that a single item, combination, preparation suddenly seemed so glorious and satisfying. Often, such munchies might include foods that were otherwise disliked, abhorred, or even vilified. That is, if not for being stoned, primed with appetite, and a wee bit pixillated.

So I ask you, comrades, what unusual munchies were you at such weak moments given to sample? Was there anything in particular that whet your hunger when and if you similarly partook of said weed?

Admittedly, during most of that era, I was a struggling young adult. As seniors in college, my roommate and I would often prepare Bermuda onion and grilled cheese sandwiches. Once my cupboard was at its barest, yielding only “Raspberry Figurines”, which ultimately and surprisingly were delicious and somewhat tantalizing. Rula Lenska would’ve been proud of our discriminating taste!

When 49, my mother smoked pot her one and only time and experienced the miracle that is Pepperidge Farm’s coconut cake. She devoured the better part of it. Folks that knew her back then would’ve been shocked not from the fact that she actually “got high”, but more so in the knowledge that she was so very petite and possibly anorexic. Her senses returned the next day. The younger man that she had been seeing and his little bag were but a memory. Years later, however, that cake became legendary within intimate family circles as we referred to it as the Great Cake Awakening of 1981.

I am further convinced that it was indeed the creation of many a noble munchie that has led to widely accepted menu items. Take for example deep-fried pickles! Need I say more or offer any explanation thus whatsoever?

So I beseech you to seize the moment to clear the cookie sheet of any haunting crumbs of memories. Share with us your favorite or most unusual munchie. None of us will judge, but we will always smile. I am rather certain that a few of you will become rather ravenous and filled with “ideas”! For some, such nostalgia may be even recent.

“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.” (Carl Sagan)

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